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Steven Johnson

Business Consultant

Embracing over a decade of entrepreneurial experiences, Steven Johnson stands as a warm and relatable figure in the realm of business consulting, personal development, and entrepreneurial education. As your confidant and guide, Steven amalgamates the practical insights of a seasoned entrepreneur and the empathetic acuity of a dedicated life coach to offer unique solutions that propel individuals and businesses towards their fullest potential.

In his role as a business consultant, Steven navigates the labyrinth of challenges involved in establishing and growing a small business with a versatile toolkit forged from his diverse industry experience. From ideation to execution, he's there to guide and advise every step of the way.


As a dedicated personal development coach, Steven

goes beyond just business. He's passionate about fostering growth on a personal level, enabling his clients to tap into their inherent strengths and refine their skills to achieve their individual dreams and professional goals.


Finally, as an educator, Steven shares his wealth of entrepreneurial experience through workshops and mentoring. He firmly believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst for success, and he's committed to equipping his clients with the insights and strategies they need to navigate their business landscapes successfully.


Combining these three core areas, Steven's approach is friendly, personalized, and highly effective, ensuring every client feels seen, understood, and empowered on their journey to success.

Business development, at its heart, is all about nurturing relationships and spotting those golden opportunities that allow an organization to flourish. It's like being the ultimate party host, knowing who to invite, who would spark great conversations together, and what would keep them coming back for more. These opportunities could be anything - forging stronger connections with existing clients, finding exciting new clients, or even whipping up a fresh product or service that meets customer needs in a better way.


But business development isn't just about growing revenue; it's also about smart growth. Think of it as nurturing a garden - it's not just about growing the plants taller, but also ensuring they are healthy, strong, and sustainable. This means strategizing to improve profits, trimming down unnecessary costs, and managing risks. It requires a dash of strategic thinking, a good understanding of the business landscape, and a knack for negotiation and sales. Plus, it's a team sport, requiring all teams and departments to work in harmony, ensuring that all these growth opportunities are identified and capitalized on effectively.

What is Business Development

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